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110% Price Match Guarantee

Hand-woven In India

Our sophisticated rug collection combines simplicity and style. Hand-woven using the finest wool, some variations include wool and viscose blends, while others incorporate wool and hemp. These versatile rugs effortlessly complement modern or transitional settings. Available sizes: 2x3, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 2.6x10 runner, and 10x14. Custom sizes are also available (3-4 months production time). Please note that the Naturale design is only offered in 5x8, instead of the standard 6x9 size. Start with a 2x3 rug at home before ordering different sizes as needed.
Please call for our best prices.
Try to find the lowest price online, and then we'll sell it to you for 10% lower.
Plus Free Shipping on orders more than $100(except 9x12 and up) 

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