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110% Price Match Guarantee

Ancient Garden by Dynamic Rugs

Inspired by traditional Heritage patterns, the Ancient Garden Collection is made in the 

Same factory as our Hafiz Encore Collection with the Same exact Fiber.

And We can honor the same price for the stock items.

With all-new colors in this collection, these rugs can fit for transitional rugs.

It is Dense, Soft, Extremely Detailed and Beautiful Copy Of Geniune Patterns.

available sizes: 2'x3'11"       2'2"x7'7"      2'2"x11'     3'11"x5'7"      5'3"x7'7"    

6'7"x9'6"      7'10" x 11'2"    9'2"x12'10"

 Some available  in 5'3"  Round  and 7'10" Round 

Some available in   2'7"x4'7"  Oval           5'3"x7'7" Oval       6'7"x9'9" Oval

And some available in 2'2" Roll Runners and 2'7" Roll Runners

Please call for our best prices.

Try to find the lowest price online, and then we'll sell it to you for 10% lower.

Plus Free Shipping on orders more than $100(except 9x12 and up) 


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