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The Vienna Collection by Magid Carpet

Vienna is  A beautiful distressed collection of rugs are made with
soft stain-resistant polypropylene and Polyester.
It has a plush hand and Unbeatable Value.
Available sizes and prices in these modern rugs.
5'3"x 7'2" (Retail Value : $220)mention website pay only:$115
6'6"x 9' (Retail Value : $310)mention website pay only:$185   
7'10" Round(some patterns)(Retail Value : $320)mention website pay only:$195
7'10"x 9'10" (Retail Value : $440)mention website pay only:$245
8'8"x 11'6" (Retail Value: $540)mention website pay only:$335
and VNN160 AND VNN 80 will be available  in 2'2" rolls for 7.99/ft
and 2'7" rolls for 9.99/ft.

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