The Hafiz Encore Medallion by Magid Carpet

Hafiz Encore is our Signature collection made with Extremely Dense

Exellan(Stain-resistant Wool Feel Advanced Polypropylene)

It has a 12 mm pile height,  pencil point finish, exceptional softness, durability, Clarity, and is very easy to clean. Also, shed free.

This collection combines traditional classic Persian and French patterns with an updated fresh modern look. 

We are using a sophisticated color palette, focusing on antique shades and intricate design details.

You can feel the luxury when you walk on these rugs.

In a year, we usually get 3-4 containers from Belgium on this collection. It comes and goes fast.

If you are interested in some items which we are out, you let us know, and we order in the next container.

Without any deposit, when we receive the rug, you pay for it.

Available sizes in rectangles:

4'4"x 6'5" ($143) regular price at:$179.99             5'3"x 7'7" ($199)regular price at:$239.99   

6'7"x 9'6" ($279)regular price at:$349.99               7'10"x 9'10" ($369)regular price at:$459.99 

7'10"x 11'2"($419)regular price at:$529.99              9'2"x 12'10"($629)regular price at:$749.99

Runners:    2'2"x 7'7" ($99) regular $119.99              2'2"x 11' (118) regular:$139.99      and 2'7"x 9'10" ($135) regular $169.99

Ovals:     2'7"x 4'7" ($59)regular $69.99      5'3"x 7'7" ($199) regular $239.99   and     6'7"x 9'6" ($279) regular $349.99 

Rounds:        3'11" ($65)regular:$89.99     5'3" ($135)regular:$159.99     and     7'10" ($279)regular:$349.99

not all patterns available in all sizes, may some patterns available later.

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