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The Hafiz Encore All Over by Magid Carpet

Hafiz Encore is a signature collection of rugs made with Exellan, which is an advanced polypropylene material that mimics the feel of stain-resistant wool. These rugs have a pile height of 12 mm and a pencil point finish, resulting in exceptional softness, durability, and clarity.

One notable feature of the Hafiz Encore collection is that it is shed-free and easy to clean, making maintenance hassle-free. The collection combines traditional classic Persian and French patterns with a fresh, modern look, creating a unique blend of styles.

The rugs in this collection are designed with a sophisticated color palette, emphasizing antique shades and intricate details. Walking on these rugs provides a luxurious experience due to their high-quality construction and materials.

It's worth noting that the availability of the Hafiz Encore collection is limited. We usually receive three to four containers from Belgium per year, and these rugs tend to sell quickly. However, if you're interested in an item that is currently out of stock, we offer the option to order it in the next container without requiring a deposit.

Available sizes in rectangles:

4'4"x 6'5" ($149) Regular price at:$179.99             5'3"x 7'7" ($219)Regular price at:$259.99   

6'7"x 9'6" ($319)Regular price at:$379.99               7'10"x 9'10" ($419)Regular price at:$499.99 

7'10"x 11'2"($489)Regular price at:$599.99              9'2"x 12'10"($739)Regular price at:$829.99

Runners:    2'2"x 7'7" ($99) regular $119.99              2'2"x 11' (118) regular:$139.99      and 2'7"x 9'10" ($149) regular $169.99

Ovals:     2'7"x 4'7" ($59)regular $69.99      5'3"x 7'7" ($219) regular $259.99   and     6'7"x 9'6" ($319) regular $379.99 

Rounds:        3'11" ($69)regular:$89.99     5'3" ($139)regular:$159.99     and     7'10" ($319)regular:$379.99

some available in  2'2" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$30/linear.ft) stock price only:$10.99/linear.ft

some available in  2'7" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$36/linear.ft) stock price only:$14.44/linear.ft
some available in 3'3" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$41/linear.ft) stock price only:$16.99/linear.ft

Not all patterns are available in all sizes, and some patterns may be available later.

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