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Anahita Collection by Magid Carpet 

The Anahita Collection is designed with a high-density pile, featuring a million points density, which ensures that the rugs maintain their beauty and durability over time. This collection offers a soft touch and brings a sense of timeless sophistication to any space.

The Anahita Collection includes a range of on-trend colors, including natural blues, greys, silvers, beiges, browns, and reds. This diverse color palette allows for a variety of styles, from soft and subtle to bold and vivid. The double point technique used in the construction of these rugs contributes to their thickness, tightness, and refined appearance, enhancing the overall quality and design.

The rugs in the Anahita Collection are crafted using a drop stitch construction method, which creates a 3D look and feel. This technique adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the rugs, making them visually striking and luxurious.

In terms of patterns, the Anahita Collection offers a range from transitional distressed designs to contemporary abstract patterns. This modern collection caters to different design preferences, allowing individuals to find rugs that suit their unique tastes and complement their interior decor.

Overall, the Anahita Collection combines durability, softness, and timeless appeal with a variety of color options, intricate construction techniques, and versatile patterns.

5'3"x 7'3" (Retail Value: $349.99) stock price as low as $119.99       
6'7"x 9'(Retail Value: $549.99) stock price as low as$189.99  
    7'10"x 9'10" (Retail Value: $699.99) stock price as low as$229.99    
9'2"x 12'10" (Retail Value: $989.99) stock price as low as$439.99
some are available in 5'3"x5'3" Round (Retail Value:$289) stock price as low as$119.99
some are available in 7'10"x7'10" Round (Retail Value:$569)
stock price as low as$219.99
some are available in  2'2" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$20/linear.ft) stock price as low as$6.99/linear.ft

some are available in  2'7" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$26/linear.ft) stock price as low as$8.99/linear.ft
some available in 3'3" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$32/linear.ft)
stock price as low as$10.99/linear.ft

Not all designs are available in all sizes.

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