New York Collection by Magid Carpet 

These rugs are like great abstract paintings turned to the floor.
New York brings a soft touch, durable pile, and timeless sophistication to a wide range of spaces. On-trend colors from natural blue and grey tones to rich spice reds and browns allow this collection to be soft, subtle, bold, and vivid. The double point technique brings the thickness, tightness, and finest of various designs,
from traditional distressed to contemporary abstract. New York is a modern collection. 
5'3"x 7'7" (Retail Value:$399.99) mention website  pay only:$229.99       
6'7"x 9'6"(Retail Value:$649.99) mention website  pay only:$339.99  
7'10"x 10'10" (Retail Value:$899.99) mention website  pay only:$479.99   
and some available in  9'2"x 12'6" (Retail Value:$1099.99) mention website  pay only:$649.99
some available in  2'2" Roll Runner (
Retail Value:$30/ln.ft) stock price only:$12.99/ln.ft
some available in  2'7" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$36/ln.ft) stock price only:$16.99/ln.ft
some available in 3'3" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$41/ln.ft) stock price only:$20.99/ln.ft
Not all designs available in all sizes.
Some of new desigs are availabe by October.