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New York Collection by Magid Carpet 

Indeed, the rugs in the New York Collection can be likened to great abstract paintings transformed into floor coverings.
The New York Collection offers a soft touch, durable pile, and timeless sophistication in its rugs. It features a range of on-trend colors, including natural blues, greys, and rich spice reds and browns. This diverse color palette allows the collection to cater to various design preferences, offering options that are soft, subtle, bold, and vivid.

The rugs in the New York Collection are crafted using the double point technique, which adds thickness, tightness, and refinement to the designs. This technique enhances the overall quality and visual appeal of the rugs, making them stand out. The collection offers a variety of designs, from traditional distressed patterns to contemporary abstract designs, providing options that suit different styles and preferences.

Overall, the New York Collection is characterized by its modern aesthetic, combining durability, a soft touch, and a range of colors and designs. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, this collection offers rugs that can enhance the elegance and sophistication of your space.

5'3"x 7'7" (Retail Value:$399.99) our Guaranteed lowest price:$219.99       
6'7"x 9'6"(Retail Value:$769.99) our Guaranteed lowest price:$329.99  

7'10"x 10'10" (Retail Value:$999.99) our Guaranteed lowest price:$479.99   
and some available in  9'2"x 12'6" (Retail Value:$1599.99) our Guaranteed lowest price:$689.99

some available in  2'2" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$30/linear.ft) stock price only:$10.99/linear.ft

some available in  2'7" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$36/linear.ft) stock price only:$14.44/linear.ft
some available in 3'3" Roll Runner (Retail Value:$41/linear.ft) stock price only:$16.99/linear.ft
Not all designs are available in all sizes. Some designs are coming later to stock.

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