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Sapphire Collection by Magid Carpet 

Silky to the touch and pleasing to the eye, Sapphire is a meticulously crafted rug with a soft, inviting pile. It boasts a density of two million points with an erased construction, using a combination of acrylic and viscose (art silk) to perfectly imitate the vintage Persian patterns and some contemporary loft style designs.

The rug is made using a 2-million-point looming technique, which is of the highest caliber in its kind. It undergoes a careful hand-carved finishing process to ensure its exquisite quality. Manufactured in Turkey with a unique blend of fine art silk and durable acrylic yarns, Sapphire is designed to be a long-lasting and elegant addition to any room in your home. You can proudly display this rug, knowing it will enhance your living space for years to come.

3'x9'10" runner (Retail Value: $629.99) our Guaranteed lowest price: $329.99       
4'11"x7'6"(Retail Value: $784.99) our Guaranteed lowest price: $389.99  
7'6"x 9'6" (Retail Value: $1514.99) our Guaranteed lowest price: $789.99   
8'3"x 11'6" (Retail Value: $2019.99) our Guaranteed lowest price: $1129.99

9'6"x 13'6" (Retail Value: $2729.99) our Guaranteed lowest price: $1569.99

Please note that not all designs are available in all sizes, and not all designs will be approved for production.

Coming to stock by Mid 2024. 

By providing or likening your preferred patterns, you will help us in selecting the best options tailored to your preferences. This way, we can ensure that you receive a product that aligns perfectly with your taste and needs. Your input is valuable in creating a satisfying and personalized experience for you.

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