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110% Price Match Guarantee

Mood A Transitional Collection

 Traditional design, combined with modern technique, creates structural and visual interest. Soft feel and subtle texture establish an attractive and inviting environment—romantic hues of blue, grey, and mauve project a calming tone to any room. In conjunction with the soft fibers, the intricate space-dying technique makes Mood rugs a stylish home accent.

Available sizes: 2' x7'5"        3' x 5'       5'3"x7'7"  some available in 5' round

6'7"x 9'6"      7'10"x10'8"         and 9' x12'7"    

Please call for our best prices.

Try to find the lowest price online, and then we'll sell it to you for 10% lower.

Plus Free Shipping on orders more than $100(except 9x12 and up) 

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