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110% Price Match Guarantee

Richmond by Oriental Weavers

this is the perfect blend of classic designs and modern-day hues.

compromised of deep blues, mysterious grays and ivory and made

from silky soft, yet durable material, Richmond is gorgeous,

well-rounded ensemble for today's consumer.

available sizes: 1'10"x3'     2'3"x7'6"      3'10"x5'5"     5'3"x7'6"     6'7"x9'6" 

7'10"x10'10"     9'10"x12'10"       12'x15'   and      7'10" Round

Please call for our best prices.

Try to find the lowest price online, and then we'll sell it to you for 10% lower.

Plus Free Shipping on orders more than $100(except 9x12 and up) 


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