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Our Story

Magid Carpet is a family business. We started our 1st store in Atlanta on Nov 16, 2000.

We never allow the store size to stop us from offering our customers the best deals.

(when we started with 500 sqft showroom or now with 15000 sqft showrooms)

From day one, we have been dedicated to providing

our customers with the best-looking rugs at the best prices,

and they supported us and helped us grow.

We have tailored our rugs to our customers' tastes and incorporated new industry aspects, such as revolutionary fibers. We hope to see you in one of our stores!

Currently, we have two stores in the Atlanta area

Mall of Georgia Rugs at Mall of Georgia in Buford

North Point Rugs at North Point Mall in Alpharetta

We have 30 different display racks at Mall of Georgia Rugs which display nearly 3,000 varieties.

We have 13 different display racks at North Point Rugs which display nearly 1,000 varieties.

Our products start from :$9.99 for 2X3
We carry different sizes:
In rectangles: 2X3, 3X5, 4X6, 5X8, 6X9, 8X10, 8X11, 9X12,10X13
10X14, 12X15, and bigger sizes by special order.
In ovals:  2.7x4.7,   5.3x7.7,   and 6.7x9.6
In roll runners:  2'2" width ,   2'7" width,    and 3'3" width
In rounds: 3'11" round,   5' Round,   5'3" round,   6' round,   6'7" round,
7'10" round,  and some 8'6" Round(few)
We carry transitional, traditional, shaggy, solid, modern, plain, and contemporary rugs.

Some of these designs(shown on our site) are future productions and not yet in stock.

We tried hard to have clear images of rugs, but, different resolution in monitors may cause some differences.

Sometimes manufacturers may discontinue some patterns which we have shown in our website. Sizes are approximate.

Rugs shown on the website are the combination of stock and special orders.

 110% price match is suitable for rugs we carry.  Free delivery is good when you pay the regular price. 

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