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110% Price Match Guarantee

Refine A Beautiful Modern Collection

The viscose and polyester blend lends an incredibly soft feel underfoot, making these rugs as soft and comfortable as they are charming.

Atmospheric shades of grey, blue, and brown unite to deliver a sharp visual experience.

Well-suited for placement in high traffic rooms in your space due to Refine’s durability and easy-to-care-for features.

available sizes: 2'2"x3'11"     2'2"x7'7"      4'x5'5"     5'3"x7'7"    

6'7"x9'6"         7'10"x10'10"  and  9'x12'

Please call for our best prices.

Try to find the lowest price online, and then we'll sell it to you for 10% lower.

Plus Free Shipping on orders more than $100(except 9x12 and up) 


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