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Brooklyn Heights

Timeless damasks, trellis motifs, and oriental designs are depicted in ivory,

blue and grey for Brooklyn Heights collection.

 Incredibly soft, this transitional rugs collection is machine made

using a Wilton loom and heat-set polypropylene and polyester yarns.

Brooklyn Heights is made in Turkey.

Available sizes: 2 x 3 regular:$19.99(NOW$16)   2.3 x 7.6 regular:$49.99(NOW$40)  

3.11 x 5.7 regular:$59.99(NOW$47)    5 x 7.6 regular:$99.99(NOW$75)  

7.10 x 9.10 regular:$199.99(NOW$149.99)     and   9.3 x 12.6 regular:$319.99(NOW$249.99)

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